Refund Policy
Payment, Cancellation and Disputes.

1.1 If You register to use the UDo Platform, You agree to pay to UDo all the fees as posted on the android app or as agreed to from time to time. You will also pay or reimburse UDo for all service tax, swachh barath cess, Krishi kalyan cess and other governmental charges including TDS,which UDo is required to pay or collect in connection with the furnishing of the UDo Platform under these Terms.

1.2 Your services as a user or an expert will be paid via Paytm wallet only. We do not take any banking / financial credit card details from you at any time.

1.3 There will be no refund for the payments made on paytm to talk to the experts. Only in case of abuse or misbehaviour during your interactions with the expert, your complete money will be refunded after a thorough investigation within 15 days and will not be pro-rated. You may cancel your account at anytime.

1.4 If a dispute arises between you and a subject matter expert engaged using the UDo Platform, over fees incurred, UDo will use commercially reasonable efforts to address your concerns and help resolve the dispute. Disputes may be reported to UDo using the following contact information:, and/or 9848023943 weekdays 9am-5pm IST.

1.5 Payment terms of all charges by UDo to You under these Terms are net thirty (30) days from date of charge. Any amount not paid when due will accrue a finance charge at the rate of 0.66 percent (0.66%) per month (8% per year), or the highest rate permitted by law, whichever is less, until fully paid.

1.6 UDo may change the amount associated with its payment service and/or other fees to be paid by You to UDo, at any time, in accordance with the pricing terms on its Website.

Unless otherwise stated, all rupee amounts referred to are in Indian Rupee currency, and all amounts owing from time to time under these Terms shall be payable in Indian Rupee Currency.

Credit Card / Financial Information

2.1 UDo does not ask for or store any Credit card or Financial information.