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How many times has someone called a friend for an opinion on something, right before making a choice? But there are times when even a friend can’t make a decision when there are higher stakes involved. Because friends are not experts in everything. Life is beyond just texting for help – UDo helps people get connected to their UDo buddy and get talking!

Featured Experts

Nikita Suresh

Influencer | Nutritionist | Fitness Expert

She is currently working as a Freelance Nutritionist, Consulting with clients individually and working with food companies on a project basis. She is also a traveling nutritionist I.e tie-up with fitness and wellness retreats and customize their meals and provide diet advice to attendees. She also does food product reviews and collaborates with companies as an influencer.


Nikita Suresh

Vivek Singh

High Impact Communication Coach & Bestselling Author

Vivek is an executive coach and a bestselling author based in
New Delhi, India. He helps business leaders and entrepreneurs deliver high impact talks and presentations.
If you are one of them, then you will learn both art and science of speaking which equips you with the necessary skills that keep the audience hooked and leave them inspired to take action.

Vivek Singh

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UDo is a mobile app which helps you connect with experts realtime through your mobile.


The only thing to do with a good advice is to pass it on, Join UDo now as an expert.


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