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How will Covid-19 lockdown wreck your career before you wake up?

As we were about to enter the second week of lockdown, unsurprisingly IMF came with bad news, “It is now clear that we have entered a recession as bad or worse than in 2009.” With most executives enjoying Netflix and slowed down lifestyle, a more troubling trend is on the anvil. Leaders are getting lazy […]
by UDo / April 6, 2020 /In Blog Posts

Why people don’t listen to advice

About the Speaker: Vivek Singh Vivek is a communication coach and bestselling author based in New Delhi, India.  He helps business leaders and entrepreneurs with high impact communication, presentations and executive presence. His  book ‘By the Flowing River,’ a manual on change management is a national bestseller. Vivek has the privilege of working with the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) in shaping PM’s communication to the masses. He has inspired […]
by UDo / April 6, 2020 /In Blog Posts

Dealing with a crisis – Focusing on Ourselves

-By Ravi Bhuthapuri The COVID-19 pandemic is here and it is not expected to go away soon. As leaders managing a crisis, we have a critical role to play – our team members will have anxieties and look to us for direction and assurances and what we do and say will have a huge effect […]
by UDo / April 2, 2020 /In Blog Posts