Frequently Asked Questions

01. Udo Basics

What is Udo? And why should I be using it?

Udo is the fastest way to access to a huge database of various Experts instantly from your mobile. With Udo, you not only gain access to Experts in real-time, but the timesaving benefits of this app are enormous. If you are an Expert at anything, join Udo and help others with their questions and projects—either for free or for your desired rate per session.

Is Udo free?

Yes. While some Experts charge for their services and consultation, the downloading, installing, and usage of the Udo application is free.

What are the differences between Seeker and Expert account profiles?

A Seeker can search for Experts, engage in conversation with them, through voice, rate the Expert, and pay for services through Udo. Experts can provide services and consultations through voice, provide their Service Description, Terms of Use, Credentials and charge for services/ consultations through Udo.

Who are Experts?

An Expert is a Udo user that has useful and valuable knowledge in a particular field and wishes to provide help to other Users. An Expert may have certifications, licenses, awards, and diploma that support the Experts domain of knowledge.

Is Udo available in all countries?

No, Udo is available to download and use in India only.

Does Udo have a web version available?

No, Udo currently doesn’t support any web version

02. Setting up your account

How do I get started?

To start using Oncall, download the ‘Udo Now’ app to your Android mobile device and sign up. Once signed up, you can begin using the app.

How do I get the app?

Download UDO-Now from the Google Play store by searching for “Udo Now”.

How do I set up my expert account and profile?

After you login, you can always return to your account and turn on the ‘Become An Expert’ toggle button and fill in the appropriate sections. Once you have completed your Expert profile you will be verified by Udo team over a call. Once verfiried, you can start using UDO.

Can I use Udo without a smartphone?

Yes. Udo can also be used on a compatible tablet that Android 4.0+.

Can I delete my Udo account from within the app?

No. Please contact the Udo Help expert from the app for assistance to do this.

03. How it works

How do I find experts?

Search tab -> Search for Experts in the search bar or scroll through the categories and drill down to the sub-categories and individual experts.

How do I connect with experts?

Contacting Experts can only be done through an Android or a supported tablet device. Once Udo locates the expert you wish to contact, simply tap on the relevant row and you will be able to make a voice call from your mobile phone. The call quality depends on your mobile operator and all charges of your mobile network operators are applicable

Why can’t I contact experts through the Udo website?

Currently we do not support real-time communication options between users and Experts through the website. This is a feature we will consider in the future if there is sufficient demand. Consider logging into your account through our app with an Android device to use this feature.

04. Payments and transactions

Is the amount credited into the wallet refundable?

Yes. We currently use paytm wallet as our payment partner. If you link your bank account to your paytm account, the wallet balance is redeemable. However, all terms and conditions of our payment partners are applicable. Please go through their terms and conditions.

How do I track my payments?

You can track your transaction history in the app under History.

05. Common issues

My category is not listed, what should I do?

If you register to be an Expert and a category you are looking to register under is not present, please continue registering with an available category that most closely matches your service offering profile and include the description of your services. You can then suggest new categories in the “Support” section of the app as we regularly review suggestions and add them to our published category list.

What do I do if my profile does not save my Expert preferences?

When filling out your expert preferences and details, do remember to tap the “Save” button typically located at the bottom of screen where you input information into. You should receive an alert notifying you that your details have been successfully saved if you did this correctly.

I can’t upload my credentials, what should I do?

Ensure that you have a data connection enabled; either Wi-Fi or 3G cellular data should suffice. Once verified, do try it again and if still not working, please log out and then log in again and retry to see if it fixes the problem.

06. Managing your account

How do I update my account details?

Once you have logged into UDO select the Profile tab. Then tap on the “Profile” option. In that page you can change your profile name, email address, profile picture and password.

What should I do if I am a user and would like to become an Expert?

Once you login, tap “Expert Mode” toggle switch and fill in the appropriate sections. Once you have completed your Expert profile you will get a verification call from UDO Team. Please note that you must select a category to be able to become an expert.

07. Features

Can I be contacted if I am marked unavailable?


Can I have phone calls redirected to a phone number instead?


Can I share this app on social media?

Yes. Simply tap on Share in Menu and select the platform you wish to share the app on.

How do I rate an Expert?

Once a session is completed, you will receive a prompt to rate the expert you were just engaged with. Tap “Yes” and proceed to fill out the page by providing a star rating (from 1 – 5 where 1 is terrible and 5 is excellent) and a write-up in your own words describing the experience.

What is Rate the Expert?

Rate the Expert is a simple review process, where you can tell the UDO Team about your experience with this particular expert by providing a star rating (from 1 – 5 where 1 is terrible and 5 is excellent) and a detailed write-up.

08. Policies

Paid Transaction Disputes

n the event of a transaction dispute email us right away to Please provide your UDO User Name, and the date and time of the transaction. Please allow up to five (5) business days for a reply as we investigate the issue in detail.

Where can I view your Privacy Policy?

Our privacy policy is accessible on the app by going to Support>Privacy Policy

Where can I view your Terms of Use policy?

Our privacy policy is accessible on the app by going to Support>Terms of Service

09. Udo for devices

Does Udo work on tablet devices?

Yes. While it is scaled up view of a mobile screen, all the features work exactly the way they would on a supported smartphone device. At a minimum, the tablet must run the minimum OS version supported.

What devices is Udo available for?

UDO for Mobile is available on the following devices and OS versions:

  1. Android 4.0+ (Ice Cream Sandwich) and 5.0 (Lollipop), which includes but is not limited to the following supported devices – Samsung S5 , Samsung Note family, Motorola Moto G, Nexus 5+, LG Optimus
Why isn’t Udo available on iOS, Windows and Blackberry devices?

Although UDO is currently not available for these devices, we will consider adding them in the future if there is sufficient demand. Consider logging into your account with an Android device to use UDO.

10. Udo for experts

Can my Wallet Balance earned be used to pay for transactions with other experts?


What should I do if I no longer would like to be an Expert?

Disengage the Become An Expert toggle switch. you will not be searchable or publicly viewable and you will be removed from the directory. Your profile will function as a regular User account type.