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UDO, a brainchild of Teja Gudluru, is an app-based service where real-time experts offer digital solutions to your problems

When you’re at crossroads in life and need help, keep calm and trust UDO, says Hyderabad-based Teja Gudluru, founder of UDO, the app-based platform that integrates experts across various areas and ensures real-time solutions. In short, this is an online platform that provides offline help- the communication here happens through a call in the app. Registered users on UDO can pay (through PayTM) to get advice on anything from a visa interview to wealth management to fashions tips and cookery. An option enables you to choose the location from where you can seek help, a tab helps you categorize an expert’s experience too.

Having worked in scenarios where chatbots tried to do this job and failed, Teja sought to come up with a digital tool that doesn’t compromise on human interaction. He necessitates that artificial intelligence is also ultimately conceptualized by a human, there’s a long way to go before bots control our lives. “Imagine your cab didn’t come on time, you miss a flight, lose ₹ 10,000 and are frustrated. An expert on UDO may give you a different perspective to it,” he says. UDO is not only a place where a user has his problems solved, you can be an expert and earn income beyond your current job too. UDO team puts a potential expert through various mock situations, understand their ability to solve a problem before they’re on board with a thorough verification process.


It was a personal experience that further substantiated Teja’s idea. Prior to a trip to Hong Kong for a start up conference, he found little help when he looked for information online and had to brace past a procedure where English as a mode communication wasn’t the easiest. After all the hullabaloo, he realised he could be of help to anyone who wants similar information through UDO. Forty five days into its functioning, UDO already has on board 300 experts (paid on par with industry standards) and boasts of 9000 downloads on Google Play. It’s word of mouth alone that helped post such happy numbers.

UDO (whose team also includes Baba Sai Batte, and Komal Kumar) now looks to enhance its scope through multiple avenues. They’re in talks with a state government team to educate farmers and provide psychological support to curb farmer suicides. The app-service is likely to spread its wings even into the corporate sector, providing a skill-development tool for training programmes, where trainees can avail expert help with just a call. UDO is looking at a method that alters the way the call center industry functions besides possibilities where it can be of great value to tourists who need local guidance. “Our ultimate aim to is give great choices to a user,” Teja signs off.

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